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  2. Maintenance has finished and our Teamspeak server at ts.blikege.net is back - if you normally connect to ts.blikege.net there is no need to change your settings. Otherwise please change your IP/Location in Teamspeak to 'ts.blikege.net'
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Teamspeak 3 Server


  • What is Teamspeak 3
  • Where to get Teamspeak 3
  • Creating a bookmark
  • Teamspeak 3 Server Details
  • Teamspeak 3 Server Password

What is Teamspeak 3?

Teamspeak 3 is a VOIP communications system that enables us and our members to communicate with each other whether in-game or not. Teamspeak 3 forms, next to this website, the basis of our communication.

Note that a microphone is not required on Teamspeak 3. The client has a chat feature allowing you to communicate with others even though you do not have or wish to use a microphone.

Be aware that for the majority of our groups its required to have Teamspeak 3, therefore we recommend you to install and set it up as explained on this page, even if you will not be using your microphone or do not have a microphone.

Where to get Teamspeak 3?

You can download the client simply from the official Teamspeak 3 website: teamspeak.com/downloads

Creating a bookmark for the US Naval Action Teamspeak Server

We recommend creating a bookmark so you do not have to remember the teamspeak 3 server or password, but instead can simply click on the bookmark to join our server.

  • Open Teamspeak 3
  • Go to Bookmarks
  • Click on Manage Bookmarks
  • Click on Add Bookmark
  • Give the new bookmark a name in the "Label" field
  • Now fill in the rest of the server information as given below

Server Details

Address: ts3.na-usa.eu
Port: Not needed

Teamspeak 3 Server Password

Right now no password is required

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