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Terms of Service and Rules

The following is not permitted on Blikege.net forum boards. This applies to both Private and Public Boards. Any breach of these rules will be assessed by Blikege.net Moderation and or Administration. Moderation and Administration reserve the right to issue warnings, suspensions or bans to any user found doing any of the following:

  • Threats, direct offenses and personal attacks
  • Posting personal information of any kind or form of another member without his or her explicit acceptance.
  • URLs containing illegal content or explicit content rated over 18.
  • Pirated content, this includes any distribution, links to or any other form of pirated content.
  • Advertising without admin permission, no matter if it is private or commercial.
  • Excessive spam, trolling, flames and so on.
  • Unnecessary 'bumping' of posts. This will be considered Spam.
  • Use of Nazi, Soviet, or any other political symbols in public forums, unless with explicit permission by Moderation or Administration. Read more about the disclaimer Below.
  • There will be no use of any Religious symbols or figures in the public forums.
A violation against these rules may also result in the deletion of the posts/topics and or the closing of the thread.

The following are basic guidelines that we, Administration and Moderation of Blikege.net, expect all members to uphold.

  • English is the required language of our public forums and Teamspeak. Other languages are only permitted in Private conversations in Pm, Language forums that are explicitly branded as such, or Teamspeak.
  • CAPITALIZATION is considered as a "scream" and is frowned upon unless used to emphasize a non hostile point.
  • We expect mature conversations where all members are treated equally, fairly and with respect.
  • Private problems should be solved outside of our forums or solved through Personal messages (PM's) and teamspeak conversations (If any member feels threatened by another, they are requested to let a Moderator or Administrator know as soon as possible).
  • Follow any direction addressed to you or others by Blikege.net staff, whether you agree to those or not.
  • Do not argue with, comment on or question the authority and/or actions of Blikege.net staff in a public forum. If you however wish to do so, we kindly ask you to contact us through a PM (Private Message) or in Teamspeak in order to resolve the issue.

Avatar Size If any member wishes to use a custom Avatar, they are required to use a 96x96 Pixel image. No larger or smaller image will be permitted in order to ensure uniformity in the forum's appearance. Larger avatars will automatically be downscaled to this exact resolution, regardless of the dimensions of the source image.

Signature Size If any member wishes to use a custom signature, they must conform to the following standards. The combined dimensions of any image(s) or other similar elements must be no larger than 800x150 pixels. There will be a maximum of three images or other similar elements per signature. The combined size of all elements of the signature, (images or other similar elements, and text), cannot exceed 800x400 pixels.

This is to ensure the appearance of the forum, and also to avoid users spending the majority of their time loading images when trying to read a post. Any users found using signatures larger than the guidelines will be contacted immediately and asked to remove or reduce the size. If this is not followed the signature will be removed by staff, and the user banned. A ban may be issued at staff's discretion.

Disclaimer concerning Nazi/Soviet, and other political or religious symbols Blikege.net welcomes players from all religious and cultural backgrounds from countries all over the world to join us and experience an open-minded community. To ensure that all these various individuals can enjoy their stay at Blikege.net, we consider ourselves a politically, culturally and religiously neutral community. This stance requires the use/referral to certain political/cultural/religious symbols and figures, relating i.e. to Nazi Germany, Communism and similar regimes or to controversial religious topics, to be banned from use within the Blikege.net forums, portal and its servers. Exceptions may only be made for certain areas of the forums to allow the use of historical imagery in discussions of historical topics and on staff's discretion. Any exceptions will be explicitly announced by Blikege.net Moderators or Administrators on a per case, post, thread or forum basis.

These rules may seem harsh to some, but they exist to provide the best experience for ALL members. Historical discussion is encouraged, but terminology and symbology should be used appropriately as to not offend individuals.

Any infraction will be handled by Moderation and Administration accordingly, usually with warnings for first time offenders, and suspensions/bans for repeated.