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US Nation EU/PVP Naval Action

The US Nation on EU/PVP

The Blikege.net events team has been working on a new event for the community. This time it’s a challenge for you to complete on a customized map carefully crafted for this occasion. As the well known president of the United States, George Washington, you’ll have to bring glory to your nation… wait no... let’s call it a city state!
On August 29 ArenaNet announced that starting today, GuildWars 2 will be free to play for everybody. With the new and first expansion for GuildWars 2, Heart of Thorns being released on October 23rd, there is no better time to get started with your journey throughout Tyria.
Hello one and all to the first Blikege community event! In a new push, we are striving to bring the community together with planned events that all members of the community can take part in. Our first event will pull at the heartstrings of every 90's kid out there with a hankering for serving her Majesty's Secret Service, with Goldeneye: Source!
The first expansion for Elite: Dangerous has been announced, and it is called Horizons. It will be a tremendous update, coming later this year, bringing with it planetary landings. Exploration and immersion will be brought to a whole new level with this major expansion of the game.​
Upcoming weekend the first Beta Weekend Event will be taking place for the GuildWars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion. The event will take off on August 7, around noon Pacific Time (roughly midnight for Europeans) until Monday, August 10.
Knights of the Old Republic 2 plays five years after the events from the award winning Knights of the Old Republic. While the first game was made by Bioware, the 2nd game has been developed by Obsidian Entertainment and received very positive ratings and critics since its release and still is rated at 85 on Metacritic while it received a solid 8.3 on average from the user scores.