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US Nation EU/PVP Naval Action

The US Nation on EU/PVP

Ubisoft has released a new entry to the Rainbow Six series called 'Rainbow Six Siege'. A game where you take up the role of an operator from one of the various Counter Terrorist Units across the globe, all together in one world-wide unit called Rainbow Six. Siege offers very intense close quarter combat in several modes across various maps ranging from a simple house to on board an airplane.
Overkill, the developers of the popular game Payday 2, introduced micro-transactions just a month ago adding skins with stat enhancements that were only obtainable by purchasing drills from the market to open safes you received as a random drop in game. After a large fallout of the game’s fan base, these drills however also became obtainable as in-game drop. While the anger dropped slightly, it left a very bitter taste to its community.
When Activision does their annual announcement of the next installation of Call of Duty, many gamers know exactly what to expect. Different setting – same experience. This time around it seems though that Treyarch is not fooling around. They are taking even further steps to convince the PC gamers of their interest in keeping them aboard.​
Today we want to present to you the "Noble Herald", a role-playing newspaper written by Community Adminstrator TASS in context of the Rustfactions Rust Server that a few of us play on as a group. The latest issue posted on their Reddit is the third issue total across two volumes so far. If you're interested in joining the Rust group behind this, seek us out on TS. And if you find the Noble Herald, you may want to check out this archive.​
Frontier Developments, a studio you likely have heard of already before, is behind one of the biggest MMO space strategy games currently on the market, Elite Dangerous. But did you know that Elite Dangerous is not their first project? In fact, they already published Elite Frontier games in the early 90’s and they also are the developers behind the Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 platinum, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Wacky worlds and Rollercoaster 2: Time Twister games and expansions.
Paradox Interactive announced, less than a month ago, that their best-selling grand-strategy game Europa Universalis IV is getting a new expansion. ‘The Cossacks’, as the expansion is called, is named after the warrior culture that dominated the east in early-modern history, and contains some very interesting features including those that will ramp up the political game.