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Today Ubisoft released a new patch and with that access to the new DLC called Black Ice, adding two new operators, the new map Yacht, new weapon skins and a spectator camera on all platforms alongside numerous bug fixes and other enhancements to the game.
Last week EA released their january patch for Star Wars Battlefront. Among smaller changes and bugfixes, the update also contains new features like private matches. The developers also release a sort of roadmap for new content, going all the way up to the year 2017, and including four digital expansion packs. While other changes will be accessable by all players, these packs will require a Season Pass.
A new expansion has been announced for the game Cities Skylines, and as always it will be accompanied by a free patch adding new features to the game even if you do not purchase the expansion. The expansion named Snowfall will bring an in-game weather system to the game accompanied by new challenges for you as the mayor.
Those of you who still remember early 2015 well enough may also remember that we introduced some large changes and a new platform back then, which for us was a great step forward. Now in 2016 we want to take another step forward and follow up on some things we've not been entirely happy with so far.
Ubisoft's new entry to the Rainbow Six series has been well received and is a serious recommendation for anyone that loves tactical shooters. However at times the game was also facing major issues with bugs, connection issues and a very low tickrate for a competitive shooter. Many of these issues have been fixed, but unfortunately there were still quite some cheaters appearing in the game it seems like.